You made it!  We're glad to see you here instead of trolling the women's hair care isle at
your local superstore trying to find something for that marvelous mop that doesn't smell
girly.  Don't get me wrong, we all love the way our ladies smell, but that doesn't mean we
want to smell "pretty" too!  We created this line of products to meet the unique needs of
men and their beards.  

We offer Asian peach wood combs that are naturally static free and have the benefit of
evenly distributing our beard oils and balms.  The wood not only benefits your beard hair,
but takes on a really nice patina and scent from the oils it absorbs.  Run one of these
through your beard after applying the oil and/or balm and you'll never pick up that cheap
plastic comb again!  We also offer animal horn and shell combs which are naturally

Badger Hair Brushes

These are actually hair brushes made from badger hair.  We carry soft, medium and stiff
bristled brushes which smooth, style and de-tangle your beard.  These brushes offer the
same benefits of a wood comb when it comes to distributing the oils and balms evenly
throughout your mop.  Again, these are actual hair brushes sized and designed for your
beard.  We also have badger hair shaving brushes in our "wet shaving" category.

Barber Scissors

We carry quality barber scissors of different sizes to maintain the shape of your beard.  
When you're shaving in style, why not add a pair of quality scissors to your man care
Wet Shaving Supplies

Wet shaving is a term that refers to shaving without the use
of an electric razor.  We have shaving soaps, whipped
shaving soaps, creams, aftershave, soothers, as well as the
razors and other implements needed to get the closest,
smoothest shave possible.  We carry straight razors, safety
razors and even classy handles for your Mach 3.  Once you
experience creating a rich hot lather with your shaving
brush and whisking it off with a nice, sharp blade, you'll
never go back to tearing your face up with cheap
disposable razors.  If you are new to wet shaving, we will be
glad to help you get equipped with the appropriate gear to
start shaving like a man!  We will soon be offering a
sharpening service for your straight razors.

We started it all with oils and balms for men.  Beard hair is
not like the hair on your head and requires unique products
to maintain it to its fullest.  If you're tired of your beard
feeling like a wire brush, give our beard oil and balm a try.  
The masculine scents and unique, natural ingredients will
improve your attitude as well as your appearance.  Your
lady will thank you for the softness of your beard and will
appreciate the effort.  Click on the link above to see what
balms and oils we currently offer.