We created "Life Care" products for one simple reason, we dig providing natural,
organic products to our customers.  We called it "Life Care" for two reasons;
because we offer more than one type of health care product, and because we
believe the quality of your life depends largely on feeling good both in image and
health.  Life is similar to art...it requires proper design, composition and balance.

We provide quality products for men that are normally not sold by local stores.  
Stop by to find products for wet-shaving (shaving with steel razors rather than
electric razors), beard care, lotions, lip balms, etc.  

Once you use our products including the beard oil, you'll see why we called it
"life care."  The scents coming from that marvelous mop will definitely help your
attitude and help you combat any urges to run back to the lady's product isles to
get the "pretty" smelling stuff you're used to borrowing from your lady.  Our
products are produced in very small batches which are made as they're needed.
If you don't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of
Please note:

If you are not in the Enterprise, Alabama area and would like to purchase our
products, please give us a call or e-mail by clicking the "contact us" button
above.  Just as wet shaving takes us back to a bygone era, we also encourage
you to participate in another almost obsolete process.......interact with us
personally.   If you are in the Enterprise, AL area and would like to stop in and see
some of this cool stuff for yourself, please feel free to drop by Prodigal Son
Tattoo, 913 Rucker Blvd, Suite 36, Enterprise, AL 36330.  We look forward to
meeting you.