If you would like an appointment with your artist, we would be happy to book it at the shop or over the telephone after you have
discussed it
in person with your Artist.  If you haven't been tattooed by us before, we encourage you to stop by so we can determine
who will be designing and applying your artwork, then we can book you an appointment with the appropriate Artist.  The design the
Artist creates for you is the result of your discussion with that artist; how long it takes
(and your price) is determined by numerous
elements we won't know until we've discussed your idea.  Showing/sending us a picture of someone else's tattoo does not cover the
information your artist will need in order to give you a quote for the perfect art for Y
OUR body.  As the shape of each body part is
different, designing the perfect tattoo involves matching it to the exact location you would like your tattoo.  We encourage you to come
to the shop, look at examples of our Artist's work, and see who's style appeals to you; that is the Artist you will discuss your design
with to obtain a quote, time frame, appointment, etc.

Please remember, every tattoo is different and unique; it's very difficult to quote a price for a tattoo over the telephone or via e-mail.  
If at all possible, come to the shop to discuss your project with an Artist who will go over all of the details of creating your next
 Exceptions are made for our out of town clients.

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Tues-Sat: 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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