We are ready to begin working on your next tattooing or piercing masterpiece.  We are a
custom shop and will turn your idea into a unique design that fits you and your lifestyle
perfectly.  Y
ou can rest assured you will love it every morning you see it in the mirror!  You
will not be price gouged, nor will you be rushed out the door.  We love what we do, which is
apparent in every tattoo.  Feel free to stop in to discuss your project with one of our
.  Please understand, due to the nature of tattoo design, it is almost impossible to
give you an accurate quote if not done in person.

Please don't be offended if we offer you advice on either changing the design, placement,
etc.  Our goal is to create an amazing piece of art you can enjoy the rest of your life.  If any
of the facets of a good tattoo are ignored, the resulting tattoo won't be all it can be.  The
placement, your personality and lifestyle, skin tone, etc, are all relevant to how your finished
tattoo will look and live with you.   If one of our Artists is speaking with you at length about
your design, it's because we care enough to ensure you get the best experience and art we
can provide you.


To coin a phrase made famous by Sailor Jerry, "our work speaks for itself."  All tattooists
have different styles and abilities; you won't hear us speak ill of other shops.  We do
encourage you to speak to the artist, LOOK AT THEIR PORTFOLIO and once you have
chosen an artist you feel comfortable with who can accurately translate your vision into a
piece of art, THEN ask the price.  If you don't have enough, save up and go back when you
do.  One of the first questions once you arrive at a shop should be "may I see the Artist's
portfolios?"  rather than "how much?"  You can't see someone's skill level or artistic ability if
you haven't looked at their work.  You aren't buying a used car, you are commissioning a
piece of art......don't insult the Artist and embarrass yourself by trying to haggle.

If you don't stand behind our troops, please feel free to
stand in front of them!
Tues - Sat 2:00-10:00 pm

Closed Sunday and Monday